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A unique chemoinformatics platform and toxicity data- and knowledgebase with in silico tools and workflows to support the chemical safety and risk assessment process for human health and regulatory-relevant endpoints

CORINA Classic

A fast, reliable and robust 3D structure generator with a broad scope of application and covered chemical space known for its excellent performance for high-quality 3D molecular models and for its application in big data chemistry

CORINA Symphony

A cheminformatics application to store, manage, manipulate and profile molecular data sets for in silico discovery and optimization with powerful structural and physicochemical descriptor calculation and ToxPrint fingerprinting

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ChemTunes Product Line

ChemTunes·ToxGPS platform and database for reliable and comprehensive in vitro and in vivo toxicity data and information on human health and regulatory-relevant endpoints as well as a toxicity knowledgebase for in silico predictions and workflows to support the safety evaluation and risk assessment process of chemical compounds

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COSMOS NG public data and knowledgebase system including a toxicity database and in silico tools serving as a public safety assessment knowledge hub with qualified data

CORINA Product Line

CORINA Classic for generating low-energy 3D molecular models

CORINA Symphony for managing, manipulating and profiling molecular data sets in in silico discovery, optimization, and modeling experiments and studies


Free Products

ChemoTyper for searching and highlighting of chemotypes (substructures) in chemical datasets for grouping, filtering and categorization (houses the ToxPrint chemotype library)

ToxPrint for profiling chemical datasets with a public library of chemotypes consisting of generic structural fragments, Ashby-Tennant genotoxic carcinogen rules, and cancer TTC categories

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